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NEW: Expanded Electric Lineup


Harley-Davidson Presents An Electric Lineup In Saint Louis, MO

We realize that Harley-Davidson going electric was a long-time coming. Electric models are the future, and Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levatich knows it. As a pioneer for innovation and growth, the bike market has propelled a business venture to target individuals would typically not desire bikes. With a plan to tempt millennial, female, and inexperienced riders, Harley-Davidson is concentrating on building lighter bikes.

Expanding The Lineup

Explore the smooth new electric motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson at our dealership! We are expecting a new lineup of EV models in 2019. It's a well-known fact that HD has been attempting to attract more youthful purchasers and has been straggling behind the automobile industry's EV division. Since numerous Millennials are attracted to electric models, EV motorcycles could take over if this goes well.

What To Expect?

Motorists in India can expect a 250cc-500cc motorcycle. One year from now we will see the plain first electric motorcycle with differing lightweight models, which will keep extending until 2022. In any case, Harley-Davidson also wants to center around their conventional heavyweight models, similar to the Cruiser. Drivers can still expect another 500-cc-1250cc vehicle in the near future!

Can We Expect Other Types Of Electric Rides?

Perhaps. While Harley-Davidson anticipates growing the EV lineup, drivers will be astounded to discover that this choice may incorporate scooters! Sources at TechCrunch imply discussions of "an energizing arrangement of two-wheeled electric vehicles" sometime in the future. All models are intended to supplement the EVs.

LiveWire E-Moto is to hit showrooms in 2019. The task is set to take a year and a half to finish. As per CFO John Olin, Harley-Davidson is expected to burn through $25 million to $50 million on EV infrastructure alone.

A Design For The Ages

So what will the LiveWire E-Moto look like and what influences it so desirable? The electric model comes clad with a lot of highlights accessible on the LiveWire archetype. Drivers may see a 460-pound battery, 74-hp, and a 93-mph top speed. The archetype can ride 50 miles with a programmed drivetrain.


The biggest Harley motors keep running at around 1,700-cubic-centimeters and weigh more than 1,000-LBS, making the new lineup not quite the same as its mark HOGs. These progressions will enhance deals abroad in the India and China territories. Harley is progressively putting resources into assembling areas abroad to stay away from tariffs. In India, levies increase the cost of a motorcycle.

Taxation is a rising issue for the bike industry, especially for the likes of Harley-Davidson. An article from CNBC featured Trump's reactions to the brand and their choice to extend abroad, as opposed to the United States. In spite of the backfire, Harley-Davidson's CEO Levatich has chosen to move forward with the EV prototypes.

The Cost Of Production

According to an ongoing report by CNBC, The Trump organization's tax has demanded a 25% assessment on steel and aluminum imports. India demands a 100% levy against Harley's cruisers that are manufactured in the United States. Harley-Davidson currently has manufacturing facilities in Brazil, India, and Thailand – to appease the potential markets.

Per CFO John Olin, Harley-Davidson's additional expenses from the global exchange could wind up being as high as $100 million every year, starting in 2019. As we sit tight, awaiting the aftereffects of Harley-Davidson's income statement, one can expect great things from the brand.