About us

Harley-Davidson's rich Saint Louis History

Just a few miles South off I-55 from the Gateway Arch you can find our campus. Looking out of our showroom windows, the Gateway Arch towers over the St. Louis region. Whether you're one of our locals or traveling through to experience the many routes that Route 66 takes through our city you will be sure to find Gateway home. 

History of Gateway Harley-Davidson:

In 1948, Gateway Harley-Davidson was originally named "Broadway Harley-Davidson" and was founded by an AMA Hall of Fame Racer and WWII D-Day Veteran, Earl Widman. The dealership spent many years on South Broadway in St. Louis City until 2002 when new ownership would move from Broadway to its current location changing its name to Gateway to the West Harley-Davidson, a nickname the dealership had since the time the Gateway Arch was built in the 1960s.

Now, Gateway Harley-Davidson enters a new era continuing to provide St. Louis with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and celebrating our shared history with the Region.

A Racing City:

St. Louis was once home to Priester Park, a motordrome built at the corner of Grand and Meremac. A circular 1/4 mile track it was twenty-four feet high at a 62-degree bank and could hold 15,000 spectators. St. Louis's Motordrome was claimed to be the steepest and fastest in the world. 

Serving St. Louis:

Harvey Zingsheim, motorcycle policeman, posing on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, 17th Street and Chestnut Street.

Servicar spraying sewers circa 1953