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Payment Calculator

Payment Calculator

*With approved credit. Estimated monthly payment based on $4,159 down, 72 months at 4% APR. Estimated Monthly payment is based on standard equipment and may vary from vehicle to vehicle. All payments are estimates. Tax, title, registration and dealer documentation fees are extra.

Having trouble estimating the payments for your dream motorcycle? Don’t worry, everyone has problems with numbers sometimes, and thankfully our fully automated payment calculator is a bona-fide whizz-kid that will do all the calculations for you.

Simply input all the necessary details such as length of payments and down payment, and in return get a very accurate estimate of monthly payments you’ll need to make. Keep in mind that the tax, title, and registration along with dealer documentation fees are not included in that estimate, but you’ll get a reliable idea of ongoing costs and how long it will take you to pay for your new Harley-Davidson.

Choosing to purchase a Harley-Davidson through financing allows you to get riding your new best friend sooner. To reduce the cost of interest over the length of your loan, consider putting up a larger down payment in advance. This means that your loan amount is lower, and therefore the interest on it will be smaller.

Another way to reduce the total cost of your financing is to reduce the term of your loan. This means that interest will be accruing for a shorter period of time, so the loan will ultimately cost you less. Our payment calculator can show you the difference in monthly payments you’ll make if you go for a loan over 24 months or one over 72 months, for example.

Of course, you will need to reconcile this with the amount you are able to afford monthly. Balancing the amount you can comfortably afford to repay on a monthly basis with your income is the key to getting into your Harley-Davidson immediately but without any future stress about making payments.

Additional Services At Gateway Harley-Davidson

Make sure to check out our inventory of brand-new and pre-owned Harley-Davidsons, including the innovative and just launched 2017 Road King Special. There’s very few of them on the road today, so owning one right now is a real treat and experience. With Harley’s entire lineup on offer, you’re guaranteed to find something to your particular liking and taste.

We do offer financing and you can even trade in your current motorcycle in for a brand-new one. We offer generous estimates. If you want to schedule a test ride, feel free to do so by entering all relevant contact information in the ‘Schedule a Test Ride’ option under the Motorcycles tab at the top of the left corner. You can even select the color of the bike you want to ride and the time of day which most suits you.

If you haven’t already, feel free to browse through our motorclothes segment for lots of motorcycle accessories, apparel, and related collectibles. In addition to the usual stuff like riding jackets, helmets and gloves, we offer casual jackets, boots, sunglasses, etc., stuff which you can wear pretty much every day and not just when riding. As for the bike accessories, well it’s a matter of what don’t we have rather than what we do. Bike audio, electronics, bags, luggage, exhausts, gauges - you name it, we have it.

If you want to contact us regarding payments or anything else, as a matter of fact, feel free to do so under the ‘Contact Us’ from the tab above and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also give us a call on the number listed at the right, under the detailer Information segment if you have any other unanswered questions and prefer to talk rather than type.

Gateway Harley-Davidson is one of the best Harley shops in all of Missouri, operating in St. Louis. We’re the one stop shop for everything Harley related, and look forward to your business.